It’s the start of 2019. You should be focusing on your goals, crushing your sales and starting the year off strong. Right?! But what if that perfect New Year feeling just isn’t taking hold? You are not alone.

So how do you break the habit and get in gear? Our team uses The 12 Week Year to accomplish this, and let us tell you, it is life changing.

First, the authors explain that by breaking the year into 12 week chunks, you are able to give 100% commitment to the most important priorities, and actually achieve results. The shortened timeline drives productivity and you see results sooner, giving you the positive reassurance needed to stick with the program.

Next, you will learn step by step instructions on how to set goals that are specific, measurable and time sensitive. Then you can create 3 or 4 action steps to achieve your goal. By paring down your massive “to do” list to the few, most important goals and then assigning daily task lists, your year starts to look manageable.

After you are done reading the book, all you have to do is follow the predetermined plan outlined each day and voila – goal achieved! By accomplishing a few key goals and moving your bottom line forward, you will find yourself out of a slump in no time!

A lot of times, we come back from the holidays more exhausted than before. Although we meticulously planned for the year ahead, January 1st comes sooner than expected and we simply aren’t ready to re-focus and re-direct our limited energy.


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