Do you have financial goals but don’t know where to start? Setting a budget is the first step to the stairwell of financial success. However, many people will create a budget and fail to stick to the parameters they’ve made. So much for a budget, right?

Well, if you find it difficult to stick to your dedicated budget, consider these five tips to keep you on track:


1. Budget as a team.

If your budget affects more than one person, include them in the budgeting process. This keeps you and all involved parties on track to achieve the same financial goals. Make sure to set a dedicated time every month—or even quarterly if you’re a pro—to check in and reassess your spending habits.


2. Expect monthly differences.

Let’s be honest, not every month in the year is created equal. To stay on top of your budgeting, try to predict where you will spend larger amounts due to certain life events. Be mindful of back-to-school clothes and supplies in August. How about a month that’s a little birthday-heavy? Summer vacations? You know your lifestyle better than anyone else, so try to predict the expenses and budget for them ahead of time.


3. Start with the essentials.

When trying to decide where to funnel your earnings, try to consider life’s top four essentials. Everyone requires food, shelter, utilities, and transportation. These four necessities in life should be prioritized when creating a budget. After these needs are met, then you can get creative with where else you’d like to distribute your funds.


4. Don’t set it and forget it.

Once you create a budget, it’s common for people to set it aside and let it collect dust. However, your budget should adapt to however your lifestyle changes. Did you get a promotion? Congrats! You can adjust your budget to reflect your new financial goals and lifestyle. Did Timmy break a leg? You might need to look back on your budget and see how you can adjust to accommodate medical expenses.


5. Online budgeting tools.

Welcome to the 21st century! While we love a great Excel Sheet as much as the next person, there are helpful apps and software programs that can keep track of your budget for you. Take a look into apps such as Mint, EveryDollar, and Goodbudget to craft a budget in a pinch!



We believe in you and your ability to achieve your financial goals! And while setting a budget is the first step in a long road of financial possibilities, we believe you are creating habits that will help you achieve greatness in the future.

If owning your dream home plays a part in your financial goals, The Roxburgh Group would be happy to assist you when the time comes. We believe real estate is an excellent investment that anyone can make, and we are dedicated to showing you how you can achieve the dream of home ownership.

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