What if you could increase the value of your home without lifting a finger? There was no costly renovation or home upgrades to oversee AND more buyers would be automatically attracted to your property. How can this be you ask?

Neighborhood and community improvements in your area can effect your home values greatly. Get involved in the development of your community to bring new businesses and amenities closer to home. Vote on important measures that might effect your home values in the long run.

If you are looking for a new home, you want to find a great neighborhood that already has these existing community upgrades or is planning to develop in the near future. Your resale potential will be sure to increase if you choose the right area.

Here are some common indicators that a neighborhood is improving:

  • Walk the community and look at the surrounding neighborhood homes. Are the lawns mowed, trees trimmed and planters blooming with flowers? If so, it is likely that the residents like where they are living and have high pride of ownership.
  • While you are on your walk around the block, see what renovations are being completed. Does it seem that people are investing in their homes? If the neighbors feel that the neighborhood is worth the investment, chances are buyers and sellers will feel the same way.
  • How much apparent community involvement is present? Are there signs and announcements posted about community activities? Is the lifestyle of the neighborhood such as get-togethers and yard sales frequent? Does the community have a Facebook Page or App?
  • Are businesses and the city government investing in the surrounding area? If you see an up-swing in high-end businesses or a city completing new construction and city improvements, it is more likely that the neighborhood you are in is a desirable neighborhood.
  • Finally, what is the real estate activity? This one can be hard to discern by visiting the neighborhood, but that is where The Heather Roxburgh Group comes in! We can do an area market analysis and tell you the sales activity in the area. We can tell you how quickly homes sell, the price point of the homes and if we have an influx in interested buyers for those properties.

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