Don’t pick a coffee table that is going to tie you down – literally or figuratively. When picking a coffee table consider if the design and style will continue to work for several years down the road. Also, think about how it would fit into the room if you were to rearrange. Furniture pieces now days shouldn’t make you feel stuck, they should inspire and give you more freedom then ever!

“Our tiny house calls for flexibility. These two small, nickel-plated, faux-bamboo tables from the 1940s fit the room perfectly but can be moved easily if we’re having a party and need more space.” —Scot Meacham Wood

What you put on your coffee table almost says more about you than the coffee table itself. You want to choose just a few key items that speak to your values and personality. Arrange them neatly on the table and then call it quits, don’t overdo it!

“I like a balance of books and objects on my two-tone metal table. A coffee table needs to be pretty, but it should also say a little something about you.” —Barrie Benson

Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures. Today’s style is more about expression and personality than uniformity. However, if you’re going to get-a-mixin’ it’s a good idea to stick with classic patterns and textures. Don’t fall for the too trendy and try to stay away from the cheap looks and materials.

“I’m crazy about coffee tables that are a combination of bamboo or rattan and lacquer. The texture is wonderful — dressy yet friendly — and the design works in almost any setting.” —Libby Cameron

Well, we couldn’t be anymore clear than Kristen Buckingham is below. Just follow her measurements and you’re sure to never go wrong!

“A coffee table shouldn’t be too low or too high — somewhere from 16½ to 19½ inches feels right to me. I like to move things around on the tabletop, but I always have a small bowl of treats!” —Kristen Buckingham

If you’re going to spend money on such an essential piece, don’t you think it’d be a good idea if it was functional as well as pretty? Yes? We think so too! While on your coffee table hunt look for pieces that serve as a place for storage and display. You might as well get the most bang for your buck!

“I designed this glass-and-brass piece out of a desperate need for chic storage for my ever-growing book collection. It’s solid, but it looks light. And j’adore that lower shelf!” —Madeline Stuart

*Quotes contained in this article were taken from MSN.com

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