5 Ways to Beat Your Budget

Do you have financial goals but don’t know where to start? Setting a budget is the first step to the stairwell of financial success. However, many people will create a budget and fail to stick to the parameters they’ve made. So much for a budget, right? Well, if you find it difficult to stick to your dedicated budget, consider these

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Top Real Estate Terms Explained

  Top Real Estate Terms Explained Are you looking to buy or sell a home in the Greater Salt Lake area and can’t quite wrap your head around all of the real estate jargon? We totally get it. Sometimes realtors can get so caught up in their slang (guilty!) that they don’t realize their client is completely lost. Well, we’re

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More Than Just A Roof Over Your Head: Hidden Benefits Of Home Ownership

Deciding to stop renting and buy a home is a major life decision, and not one to be taken lightly. When taking that final step and pursuing home ownership, there are a number of upside you may not have considered previously. 1. Stable Monthly Payments Most home owners with obtain a fixed rate mortgage which comes with stable monthly payments. One

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Shared Equity Programs – Helping Buyers Put Down 20%

Down payment assistance is a hot topic in the mortgage industry right now, especially for first-time home buyers who struggle to provide a 20% down payment. Although a 20% down payment is not required, there are advantages to putting such a large amount down. Shared equity programs are an emerging resource in the mortgage market that help home buyers reach the

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What to Look for During Your House Hunt

Touring homes with your realtor, attending open houses, revisiting your dream home checklist three times a day… House hunting can be an overwhelming process that turns into a chaotic blur quickly. Fortunately, with the guidance of a knowledgeable real estate agent and this list of top 10 items to look for in a home, hopefully you can narrow down your

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