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More than most areas of the Salt Lake Valley, the Sugar House neighborhood makes it clear that not all Utah real estate is created equal. While this is true of almost any housing market, Sugar House has an unparalleled prestige in the Salt Lake area.

Charming and eccentric, it marries the old and the new in a way that perfectly complements the area’s natural beauty–like many desirable areas in the Salt Lake Valley, Sugar House is nestled against the Wasatch Mountains and boasts enviable access to world-class hiking, biking, and mountain resorts. What distinguishes Sugar House from other Salt Lake neighborhoods though is its unmatched character and progressive culture–it is minutes from the University of Utah campus and is therefore home to students, recent graduates, and other young people who have helped the area bloom while preserving its deep-rooted charm. The homes are somewhat uniform, often built of timeless brick, yet possess an avant-garde character unique to the area. Many have been recently renovated to continue to attract the types of people who uphold the area’s forward-thinking character.

Besides the curious amalgam of the traditional and the progressive noticeable in both the architecture and lifestyles of the area, Sugar House is also home to the impressive Sugar House Park, a vast and picturesque space with stunning views of the Wasatch.

The residents of Sugar House are also eager supporters of local business, which has allowed countless independent bookshops, restaurants, bars, and other shops to flourish, inspiring like-minded businesses to disseminate into the greater Salt Lake area.

Sugar House School District

Since Sugar House is not a distinct city but rather a neighborhood within Salt Lake City, there is not a separate school district for the Sugar House area. If you are interested in learning about the Salt Lake School District, please follow the link for additional information.

It is worth mentioning, however, that Westminster College is located in the heart of Sugar House. Westminster College was founded in 1875 and is a nationally recognized, private comprehensive liberal arts college. The only one in the state! For more information about Westminster College, follow the link above.

For parents of school-aged children, the top public schools serving Sugar House are:


Sugar House was established in 1853, just six years after Brigham Young first led the Latter-Day Saint settlers into the valley. Curious and quaint, its name derives from the Deseret Manufacturing Company sugar beet test factory, which was established in a former blacksmith shop in the area. The name came as a suggestion from Margaret McMeans Smoot, the wife of then-mayor Abraham O. Smoot.

Quick Facts

Since Sugar House is not technically a distinct and separate city but rather a neighborhood within greater Salt Lake City, only some demographic information exists specifically for the Sugar House area. If you are interested in finding out more regarding the demographics and statistics of Salt Lake City, please visit

Sugar House Demographics:

  • Population: 42,141
  • Area Feel: Urban
  • Median Home Value: $448,400
  • Median List Price: $445,000
  • Median Price per Square Foot: $383
  • Median Rent Price: $1,700
  • Median Household Income: $71,716
  • Families with Children: 28%

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